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Understanding your paycheck

Global CI Paycheck and/or Direct Deposit Advice provides employees with a detailed Statement of Employee Earnings and Deductions. This Statement should be retained for your records and not discarded. The Statement is organized into the following sections: you may not see all of these on your check depending on your status.

  1. Employee Data:
  2. Status: Federal and State filing status
  3. Allowances: Federal and State exemptions
  4. Earnings and Hours: Listing of the Description and Gross Amount of Earnings Paid.
  5. Deductions From Gross: withholding you have authorized.
    • These might include 401K, medical, dental, Life, HSA
  6. Taxes: Amount of current and year-to-date taxes withheld from your pay.
    • Federal
    • Social Security
    • Medicare
    • Local Taxes
  7. Net Pay: Current Net Pay Distributions
  8. Direct Deposit: Amount that will be credited into your account(s)
  9. Paid Time Off: Current balances of leave
  10. Non-Taxable Company Items: Global CI's contribution into 401k, health and life